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Friday, April 20, 2018
By Elaine Zelker
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Want to become Part of a Team?


You made your way to this blog post, so, I must have gotten your attention from somewhere....maybe my Instagram Page? Personal FB page? Invited you to my VIP Group?  Either found your way here to get more information on COLOR STREET!  


Color Street—inspired by New York’s “City That Never Sleeps” nonstop energy and wildly colorful fusion of cultures—offers a vast array of colors and nail art design, direct to Independent Stylists and ultimately to clients. The company (and I) believe that every woman can be her own boss, dreamer, and recognize her brilliance within. Regardless of where your passion lies, there’s a place on our team for you!  (And that’s whether you just want to sign up because the kit is an amazing deal, you just want to support your habit, or provide income. This is YOUR business!)



Product Benefits


 *** Base, color and top coats of high-quality liquid nail polish in each strip

*** Results in brilliant, salon-quality manicures in just a few minutes, with no drying time, smudges, or streaks

*** 100% real nail polish, not stickers

*** Flexible—can be gently stretched for a perfect fit





I know why I'm here, and maybe you will share your why someday...This company is just ONE YEAR OLD and I see amazing potential. It's the Shark Tank product I've been looking for!! I didn't want to "SHOULD" myself any longer, and knew I had to join....I'm just kicking myself for not starting 12 months ago when the company launched!! :)


I'm a Serial Entrepreneur at heart. I'm a FT Photographer + Brand Strategist with a mission to create beautiful images, teach others how to build memorable brands, and to inspire creative living. If you want to join a team that will be 100% behind you, support you, challenge you and celebrate with you...then you've found it!!


I'm a wife, a mom of 3 girls (2 in college, and one in 8th grade) (so, no doubt I like the extra income!), I'm a lover of popcorn, Netflix, my dogs, my studio and road tripping with my friends!! I am a team motivator that will take you under my wing and show you the way to social media, direct-selling badassness!  


Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions answered for you.

  1. I have a very busy life and I’m not sure if I can be gone at night. What are the shopping event options?

You can do JUST portable polish parties and online nail bars if that is what fits your schedule.  A portable polish party is when you give someone a hostess packet and some samples and they simply collect orders from their friends and family and turn them in to you. SO EASY! My fave is doing Facebook parties!! Your host sets up a FB Event, adds you, you post some graphics and BOOM!! DONE!! EZ PEAZY!

  1. Do consultants have a monthly/quarterly quota to stay active?

To stay active with Color Street, stylists only need to submit  $300 in one month over a 6 months period. Very easy to stay active! I will be helping you and motivating you, and giving you tips and tricks every step of the way! 

  1. Does the company supply stylists with a website? If so, what is the cost?

The cost is $9.95 a month.  (Your first month is free!) And you can cancel that at any time. But this website allows your friends, family, and customers to order directly from your website AND order from your hostesses nail bars online! The company does all the work!

  1. How do I submit orders?

You submit orders via your personal website in what we call our “Virtual Office”.  Here you will place nail bar orders, create online orders, and do business supply orders

  1. Can my customers order from my website?

Yes! Your customers can go directly to your website and place an order. The fun part is that you can create a TEAM/PAGE name....I'm EZ Peazy Nails!! (I finally like my EZ initials!!) 

  1. What is my initial cost to become a consultant?

It only takes $129 to purchase your enrollment kit! (It's actually closer to $150 with tax/shipping...(There is also a Deluxe kit option for $299) It comes with over $250 in product you get to use for yourself and your nail bars. And those are yours to KEEP and USE! It also comes with all your order forms, catalogs, samples, and much more! Everything you need to get your business rolling!

  1. Are there any other hidden fees?

No, Color Street does not charge you any other fees throughout the year.

  1. What can I do to prepare while waiting for my kit?

You’ll want to jump right into some training we have just for our new stylists on our team! And you’ll want to spread the word about your new business.  Tell all your family and friends and start booking those nail bars!!!  (I made one post on my personal Facebook page and had FORTY requests for samples… before my kit even got here!!)

Your best bet is to have what I call a “grand opening nail bar” at your house.  Invite everyone you know and do your own nail bar when your kit arrives.  That way you can enter your first nail bar, you’ll make all the commission, and you’ll earn all the free and half-price items as the hostess-so you can add to your kit for FREE!

  1. How are stylists paid at Color Street?

We are a paperless company!  You will need to set up for Direct Deposit. Stylists are paid weekly in Wednesdays.  Standard commission is 25%.  If you sell $600 in any month, you will receive a 3% bonus on your sales on the first Wednesday of the following month.

  1. Does the company offer stylist incentives?

Yes, Color Street offers us challenges during various months to receive something FREE or have the opportunity to qualify for various things. I personally love a good challenge and it’s funny how your customers will help you get there too! You also have the chance to earn free TRIPS! And you’ll always have the chance to earn NEW free product when a new catalog is getting ready to launch. Color Street makes it easy to run your business with as little out of pocket as possible!

  1. How do I collect money from customers?

As a stylist, you can accept cash, checks, or credit cards for the full amount owed including shipping and tax. Stylists are not charged for this service. Color Street accepts all major credit cards.

  1. Do I have to have a separate business checking account to become a Color Street stylist?

No. Although, by having a separate checking account for your Color Street business it may make it easier to track business income and expenses.

  1. Is there a penalty or fee if I decide to get out of the business?

No. Just contact home office and let them know of your decision.  There is never a penalty for not selling…you have nothing to lose by trying!!!

  1. Are there any support groups or training for Color Street stylists?

Yes! Yes! Yes! We have a phenomenal team page where you will get support and training from ALL your team members! We also have a team page full of daily tips and marketing tricks for your business!

I will ADD you to our TEAM FB private page for you to gain more access to fun graphics, tips and tricks to help you along the way!!



If you have any questions, DM me on FB or email me at


Follow our Group EZ Peazy Nails on FB too!!!!


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Still not sure, or just want to TRY? 


I can send you a FREE SAMPLE "Twosie Set"...then YOU decide!! xoxo


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Elaine Zelker - They are so fun and easy!! I can even do a FB Group Party if you want to try it out!! :)
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